Important Note About Contacting our Office. Please read before calling or sending e-mails:

Alpha Delta is not set up to design or build custom antennas or modify existing models. Our models do not include 60 meters or MARS coverage as we have little call for these. We have no mods to make one model into another. All models are designed for 50 ohm coax feed. We do not have data for balanced line feed.

Our HF antennas are tested at a height of 35 ft. in “clear surroundings”, at least 20 ft. from surrounding objects , like roof tops, gutters, other wire antennas, guy wires and building sidings, etc. in an inverted V configuration. “Flat Top” installations work just as well, as do higher heights above ground (preferred for increased DX results).

If your installation site does not meet these requirements, the tuning will yield high SWR and impaired performance. In any case, a good wide range tuner is recommended to lower SWR and broadband the SWR bandwidth for any model.

We cannot answer questions about “if we think” non-standard installations would work because there is simply no way to know. Some work and some don’t. Each installation site is unique and unpredicable. Due to attic wiring, HVAC ducting, roof material and actual height above ground, some attic installation work and some don’t. For these a separate wide range tuner is required and RF power limited to 100 watts PEP/CW to prevent excessive coupling into the building.

For orders ONLY, call 606-598-2029, FAX 606-606-4413 or see a dealer. Sales office not set up to answer technical questions. An RMA MUST be obtained before returning any product. For technical questions, e-mail as shown below.

For antenna technical questions only, e-mail to:

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