Antenna Supplies

Don’t assemble your next dipole antenna without one of these CENTER and END insulator combos. They're designed for strength, and to provide equipment protection with a built-in replaceable SEP Arc-Plug® Static Electricity Protector. Ideal for dipoles, Vees, zepps and all kinds of SWL receive antennas. Feeds with either coax or balanced line. Rated for full legal power.

The SEP Arc-Plug protector which is mounted in the DELTA-C center insulator bleeds off slow rising static electricity charges routing them harmlessly to ground, before they can enter the shack thru the feedline. This is far more effective than DC grounded baluns or chokes, which can be "popped" by static charges. Dangerous static charges are developed from thunderstorms, high wind driven snow or desert sand, and have been measured to 1,000’s of volts; so potent, they can puncture the dielectric of unterminated coax.

The DELTA-C Center Insulator and DELTA-CIN end-insulators are fabricated with an extremely rugged UV and RF resistant DELTALLOY material that is so tough, you can drop it off a roof without damage. Don’t rely on fragile ceramic or glass insulators! Only stainless steel hardware used in the center insulator for salt air and other corrosive environments, and all internal connections are hard soldered.