News Bulletin

May, 10 2015

Check out the new Model TLM Tower Leg Grounding Mount. Details and photo on the link on the left under the Surge Protectors title. Also, new photo on the home page. This adds further capability to install up to 4 ATT/TT3G50 series surge protectors right on the tower leg at the base of the tower. More grounding options for the safety of your antenna system.

Oct 12, 2015

For power ratings and antenna installation details, please check the link “ High Performance Limited Space Antennas, etc.” on the left side of the home page. You will find power ratings and installation details there.

Jul, 12 2016

The best way to contact us with antenna questions is to send us an e-mail to the "Contact List" on our WEB site. We have found that when we call back to those who have left phone messages, 80-90% of the time the person who called is no longer there. Some have voice mails and some don’t. We check our e-mails regularly including evenings, holidays and weekends and will answer your questions quickly, instead of playing “phone tag”.


Jan, 13 2019

Alpha Delta Delta has a NEW dealer in Italy! Welcome HamRadioShop. For more information go to our Dealer information page in the left column.