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ATT3G50: Various Applications

Anti submarine sonobuoy system on all U.S. Navy nuclear aircraft carriers (ATT3G50); Newsatellite communications system (General Dynamics) for Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruisers(ATT3G50). Marine Single Sideband radio system on L.A. Class nuclear submarines (Delta-2B/N).

Voice and data communications in Iraq and Afghanistan (DX-LB, DX-LB Plus andATT3G50).

DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) on all Coast Guard ships (ATT3G50)

ATT3G50 surge protectors on H.F. communications systems in Iraq and Afghanistan. DX-SWLantennas for forward scout communications. ATT3G50 used on radio systems at the U.S. Army's Ft.Huachuca, Ft. Monmouth and Ft. Mead. ATT3G50U used on security system at Ft. Knox.

DX-LB antennas and ATT3G50 used for H.F. communications.

Customer Reviews

"Just wanted to share my DXCC , in the second worst FEB on record in RI I live in Barrington, and this is a picture of the alpha delta with 30-55 mile an hour and gusts and lots of snow! THANK YOU for one of the best pieces of ham gear I own"

Thank You,

Brian — 73'

"My DXEE in inverted V form, coupled to my old Icom 746Pro and my ALS-600, continues to make me very happy.
I fired up the station last night here in central Florida. Fairly high noise levels everywhere. Not a lot of activity in general.
After working a few US stations, a few South American stations, and a guy in Switzerland on 40, I was about to power down… well, maybe just one more sweep of 20 meters. Most of what activity there was was there.
Nothing really of interest. Couple of nets having trouble connecting. Here’s a guy… let’s see… sounds like KG4 A something. He’s not using phonetics. Oh, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Worked a few guys there already. He’s about 5-7 with lots of guys calling him.
But there’s something about this guy. What the hell, I’ll listen a while.
Sounds like KG4 A A something. Some QSB and rude callers making things difficult. At least he’s holding steady at 5-7.
Then he gives his call in phonetics. KC4AAA — Antarctica! And not just anywhere in Antarctica but the South Pole itself! The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station! Holy shit!

As I said, everybody on the planet is calling this guy, and some are not being very courteous about it. Big surprise. I start calling, too. Four calls, five calls, six calls…
“Who is the station ending in X-ray?” that could be half a dozen stations, but it could be me! I call back.
“Station ending in Kilo Bravo X-ray ONLY — please call again.” So I do.
“Listen, Romeo Delta something, please standby and wait your turn. Kilo Bravo X-ray, please try again!” And I do.
“OK, gotcha in the clear that time, Whiskey 4 Kilo Bravo X-ray. You’re 5-9 at the South Pole!” We exchange names, I give him his 5-7, and I get out of the way.
During all my pre-call listening, I heard him give out many reports lower than 5-9, so I tend to believe him about mine. The kilowatt and a half boys must have been green with envy. 5-9 into Antarctica on 20!
The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station! A 5-9!

Richard Kunc - W4KBX